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Smoke & CO Detector Installers in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are essential for protecting your home and family. Smoke alarms detect fires early, giving you time to evacuate your home quickly and safely. Similarly, CO detectors quickly identify and alert homeowners to odorless and potentially fatal emissions from malfunctioning furnaces, gas stoves, and similar appliances.

For over 15 years, Air Comfort Solutions has provided complete smoke alarm and CO detector services, including repair, maintenance, and installation. You can depend on our electrical team to ensure your smoke alarms and CO detectors are ready to alert your family during an emergency.

Contact Air Comfort Solutions at (918) 236-9208 for more about the smoke and CO alarms we recommend for homeowners in Tulsa, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Owasso and Sapulpa.

Regular Maintenance Is Essential for Reliable Protection

Smoke detectors and CO detectors require basic maintenance to ensure proper operation. Fortunately, maintaining these systems takes just a few moments and will go a long way toward preserving the protection your family needs.

In addition to staying on top of battery changes, it’s essential to perform these tasks:

  • Vacuum dust from the unit every three to six months
  • Test system function
  • Replace the batteries annually

Contact Air Comfort Solutions to learn more about the types of maintenance we recommend for smoke detectors and CO detectors in Tulsa, OK.

Professional Installation, Service & Repair

Air Comfort Solutions is always ready to install, maintain, and repair the smoke alarms and CO detectors you depend on for your safety. Our certified and insured specialists adhere to strict safety and quality standards and bring years of experience to the job, so you can expect superior service and reliable results.

We offer a broad range of reliable smoke and CO detection systems that will provide long-term protection for your home and family. Our team is ready to help you identify the ideal system for your home and deliver the services you need to guarantee your home has continuous protection.

Contact Air Comfort Solutions at (918) 236-9208 to schedule smoke or CO detection system installation, service, or repairs in Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma.

Why Choose Air Comfort Solutions?

At Air Comfort Solutions, we guarantee your satisfaction with our services. When you choose our team, you’ll always enjoy superior customer service, exceptional work quality, honest recommendations, and more.

We know the importance of smoke and CO detection systems. Whether we’re performing a CO inspection, installation, or repair, you can depend on us to provide unwavering security against fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ready to schedule? Contact Air Comfort Solutions at (918) 236-9208 to learn how we ensure your home has superior protection from fires and CO leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes carbon monoxide leaks?

Carbon monoxide (CO) emissions are generated by incomplete combustion and can be exacerbated by insufficient ventilation. They can occur from any gas appliance, including gas furnaces, gas fireplaces, and gas stoves.

While natural gas leaks produce a “rotten egg” odor, CO is odorless and colorless, which means only a specialized sensor can detect it.

What's the difference between smoke detectors and fire alarms?

Smoke detectors detect smoke, whereas fire alarms detect smoke and trigger an alarm, which automatically alerts your local fire department. Fire alarms will also set off sprinkler systems in the home.

Are smoke detectors radioactive?

Ionization systems contain a small amount of Americium. However, they’re safe and well-shielded, meaning they pose no health hazard when properly handled.

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