Oklahoma City

Your Trusted Plumber

Affordable plumbing services are crucial when it comes to your home. When your plumbing needs fixed, shelling out thousands of dollars isn’t always an option. At Air Comfort Solutions we are all about cost efficiency. From drain cleaning, maintenance checkups, to unclogging pipes, we have licensed plumbers who are able to do the job and at an affordable price. We repair, replace, install, and unclog appliances and drains and will do so in a timely manner.

Below are a few of our services offered to the Oklahoma City and Tulsa area:

Plumbing Services

• Slab leaks: Inspect, repair, treat floors and basements
• Remove grease or unclog sinks and toilets
• Repair or replacement of appliances (kitchen garbage disposal, dishwasher, water heater,etc.)
• Clean and inspect drains
• Inspect sewer lines and broken pipes both inside or outside of homes/buildings

If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable plumber available  7 days a week, Air Comfort Solutions is the call to make.

For quality service from professionals you can trust, contact Air Comfort Solutions at (405) 721-3740 in Oklahoma City or at (918) 743-2300 in Tulsa.