Oklahoma City

Water Heating
Installation & Repair

Water heating installation or repair doesn't have to be a headache. At Air Comfort Solutions, we are the water heater authority. Our installations are top-notch and you can count on receiving a quality, lasting product. Our repairs are quick, efficient, and done by licensed, trained plumbers.  Safety is paramount when it comes to water heater installation so hiring a qualified plumber is important. At Air Comfort Solutions we make sure your water heater is installed properly and safely. If there is an emergency we are available 7 days a week to tackle and repair even the trickiest of water heater troubles. We take into consideration that the units are properly vented and adequately plumbed. Tankless water heaters are worth considering since your water heating is an essential function of your home. 

Energy-Efficient Water Heaters: Tankless Water Heater

A different type of water heating installation occurs with energy efficient water heaters. If you want to invest your money in a water heater that is more environmentally friendly, consider an on-demand or tankless water heater. Longer warranties for tankless water heaters are good indication that this kind of water heater is of a higher quality. These models heat water only when needed through an electric coil (low demand) or through natural gas (high demand). This heats the water passing through a heat exchanger inside of the water heater. Tankless water heaters eliminate the uncertainty of tank failure and the energy lost by constantly reheating water.

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