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Refrigerant Facts

At Air Comfort Solutions we know that knowledge is power. It is important for you to understand first and foremost what refrigerant is, and how to tell if it is low. Refriferant is known as the life source of your air conditioning unit. Without it, your air conditioner cannot run properly. Moreover, if you have consistently low levels of refrigerant, this can seriously damage your air conditioner. However, many do not know when to call the professionals at Air Comfort Solution about low refrigerant. Here are three ways you can tell if your refrigerant is dangerously low. 

1.) Your electric bill is through the roof. This shouldn’t take too long to notice, especially if you are the one footing the bill. Because of a lack of proper refrigerant, your AC is going to have to run longer than normal, adding those extra zeros to your bill. 

 2.) Your home or office takes an eternity to cool. Since refrigerant is the powerful component responsible for absorbing the heat in the air, without it, your AC can’t properly reduce the heat. If you begin noticing your home or office just isn’t cool enough, no matter how much you lower the thermostat, that is a sign your refrigerant could be compromised. 

 3.) The air is lukewarm (or worse) hot. This happens when you are quite low on refrigerant. If you try and cool down your home or office, but instead end up actually making it warmer, it’s time to replace your refrigerant.  

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