Oklahoma City

Radiant HVAC Heating Systems

An alternative to forced-air systems, radiant HVAC heating uses electric heating coils or water-heated tubing, most often located in the floor, to distribute heat throughout a home. Radiant systems can often serve as a better heating system option for individuals with allergies, because radiant heating systems do not circulate air flow and therefore, do not circulate dust, dirt, and potential allergens. Additionally, radiant heating is 25 percent more efficient than forced-air systems, which can save both money and energy.

Electrical radiant floors and hydronic (liquid-based) systems are the most common for residential heating use. Electrical radiant floors utilize electric cables that are built into the floor, usually on top of concrete to maximize heating potential. Hydronic radiant systems operate when heated water, from a boiler, is pumped through a pattern of tubing beneath flooring. In hydronic systems, room temperatures can be adjusted by controlling the hot water flow through specific tubing loops, with the use of zoning valves, various heat pumps, and thermostats.

When heat is produced through the floor, it travels to everything the floor touches and radiates within the room. This process is similar to an oven giving off heat and warming the temperature of a kitchen. With radiant HVAC heating systems, there is no need for air registers and no noise from system blowers. In addition, radiant heating often provides a higher level of temperature adjusted comfort within a home.

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