Oklahoma City

Sewer Line Repair

A broken or damaged sewer line might seem like a worst-case, emergency plumbing scenario— they post health issues and can be quite costly—but it’s important to understand how lines break in order to avoid them. Luckily our Air Comfort Solutions plumbers are trained, tested professionals, capable of dealing with the worst sewer line breaks.

For quality service from professionals you can trust, contact Air Comfort Solutions at (405) 721-3740 in Oklahoma City or at (918) 743-2300 in Tulsa.

Signs to Look For

• A noticeable, foul odor may become apparent in your basement or lower floors of your home

• Bubbling noises when you flush your toilet or when using your sink

• Your sewage starts to backup into your home

Reasons for Damages

• Some forms of clay pipes can become brittle and break or crack with the shifting of the earth. This usually happens if the pipes are improperly installed.

• Water temperature can cause ABS or PVC pipes to crack.

•With some cast iron pipes, pipe corrosion can occur which causes rusting and damaged sewer pipes

Two ways to prevent broken/damaged pipes and other emergency plumbing scenarios:

• Preventative Maintenance-Air Comfort Solutions provides regular maintenance inspections in order to ensure your drains are clean and free from debris that can eventually burst your pipes.

• Pipe Relining-Pipe lining helps your pipes from the inside and Air Comfort Solutions is capable of helping maintain your existing pipes by lining them with a covering that helps eliminate cracks.

Emergency Plumber: Safe Plumbing Installation

Emergency plumbers are plumbers who are willing to come out, no matter the time. Our plumbing technicians perform every task with the safety and comfort of your family on the forefront of their minds. Our technicians go through serious training and licensing to ensure they meet Air Comfort Solutions’ high standards. If you have a plumbing issue and call Air Comfort Solutions, you can be certain our plumbers will come in uniform, driving a marked Air Comfort Solutions vehicle, holding their identification. There’s a reason we’ve consistently won “The Readers Choice Award” from The Oklahoman, the Edmond Sun, and the Norman Transcript and have been chosen as the “Best of the Best” in Oklahoma Magazine for our services.

Why Emergency Plumbers Matter

The peace of mind you gain from having a job fixed by an emergency plumber is priceless. Make the call today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional from Air Comfort Solutions. We provide plumbing service to Oklahoma City or Tulsa metro areas and proudly provide emergency plumbing solutions 7 days a week.