Oklahoma City

Kitchen & Bath Remodel

Did you know that our professionals at Air Comfort Solutions are capable of assisting you with your home or business' kitchen and bath remodel? That's right. With nearly a decade of experience, we've helped Oklahomans in the Tulsa and OKC metro area with installing their plumbing appliances.

Many people think about the pretty features and additions in homes and offices; however, the dishwasher, sink, and washer often go overlooked. Before embarking on your next remodeling project, understand that the operation of your kitchen and bath systems is crucial to the overall health of your home and business. This is not a time to try DIY--call our trained plumbers for jobs big or small, and rest assured that your plumbing is of the highest quality. 

For fast and reliable service if your disposal happens to grind to a halt, give us a call at (405) 721-3740 in Oklahoma City or at (918) 743-2300 in Tulsa.