Oklahoma City

HVAC Heating Systems: Gas vs. Electric

The most common questions about HVAC heating systems often relate to the differences between gas and electric systems and which is better for your home. Both gas systems and electric systems offer benefits and drawbacks.


Gas systems operate through the combustion, or burning, of gas. They often utilize centralized furnaces and ducts and vents throughout the home. Gas systems are slightly less efficient than electric systems but are well-suited for heating large spaces and can often produce a greater amount of heat in the same period of time.  Additionally, gas systems tend to have lower operational costs. 

Electric systems use electrical resistance to produce heat through a heating element and offer higher efficiency than gas systems. They are easier to install and often have less expensive equipment costs. However, the price of electricity is often higher than the price of gas, raising operational costs for electric systems. These systems are also more beneficial for heating smaller rooms or specific zones of a home.

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