Oklahoma City

Commercial Heating


As a business in Oklahoma, Air Comfort Solutions understands how significant efficient heating is to your business.

If employees are too chilly or too warm, if you're overpaying for high heating bills. or if your heat goes out and you need emergency heating services during or after business hours your business can suffer. 

Increasing the energy efficiency of your business is a great way to save money, but it can also be a first step in going green. Here are a few ways that you can improve efficiency in your HVAC heating system and in your business:

Keep it clean. It's important to keep the components of your heating system clean. Replace or clean your air filters regularly. Also, clean your warm-air registers, radiators, and baseboard heaters. When air filters and registers aren't clogged with dust or dirt, more air can pass through, allowing them to operate more efficiently.

Set your thermostat. One of the easiest ways to increase efficiency is regular regulation of your business' temperature. Set your thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature, and lower set temperatures when you're not home. Using a programmable thermostat can help regulate your HVAC heating system more efficiently.

Use sunlight to your advantage. During winter, open the shades or curtains on your business' south-facing windows in the day to let the sunlight in and close them at night to help decrease the chill from the windows.

Install energy-efficient appliances. Choosing certified energy-efficient appliances is an effective and long-term solution to increasing energy efficiency in your home. These appliances use less energy and can save you money on energy bills.

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