Air Filters

At Air Comfort Solutions, our trained technicians know that all HVAC filters need to be checked, maintained, and changed in order to ensure safety and functionality.

Prolonging the changing of a filter affects your cooling system's performance and also puts you at the risk of ingesting dirty, polluted air. Dirt and neglect seem minuscule but are the leading causes of system failure in homes or businesses in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa area.

The good news is, this is completely avoidable. Through signing up with Air Comfort Solutions' Energy Savings Agreement, you're able to leave filter maintenance up to the professionals. Our licenses, trained professionals come to your business or home and keep your system functioning properly through quarterly maintenance check-ups and on-call service.  What's more, by maintaining a clean HVAC air filter, you save about 15 percent on utility costs. Now that's a benefit that keeps on giving. 

Make the winning call and contact Air Comfort Solutions at (405) 721-3740 in Oklahoma City or in Tulsa at (918) 743-2300.