Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

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During the cold months of an Oklahoman winter, it's not uncommon to experience a case of chapped lips or dry skin. In addition to a working heating system, a humidifier can be beneficial during the season's coldest days.

Humidifiers add moisture to a space by releasing steam or water vapor into the surrounding air. Though humidifiers can be beneficial, it's important to clean them regularly and monitor their humidity levels. Regularly cleaning a humidifier prevents the potential growth of mold or bacteria in the space, and monitoring humidity levels ensures that your home does not become too humid.

There are five main types of humidifiers: central, ultrasonic, impeller, evaporator, and steam vaporizer. Central humidifiers are built into your heating system to add moisture to your entire home. Ultrasonic humidifiers use vibrations to emit a cool mist into the air. Impeller humidifiers also produce a cool mist, but instead utilize a rotating disk. An evaporator consists of a fan that blows air through a wet filter, wick, or belt, releasing the resulting mist. Steam vaporizers heat water via electricity, creating steam; humidifiers that use steam are not safe for children, as they could cause burns.

In general, humidifiers are good tools in helping to combat the effects of winter's harsh temperatures.

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