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Commercial and Residential Heating: Geothermal HVAC Heating Systems

One of the most efficient ways to heat your home is through a geothermal HVAC heating system. Geothermal systems use the temperature of the ground just below the earth's surface, instead of the temperature of the outside air, to help regulate a home or building's temperature. Though installation for geothermal systems is more expensive than other types of systems, more energy and money is saved in the long-run.

How do they work?

Geothermal systems operate through a loop of pipes called a heat exchanger. These heat exchangers are located just below the ground's surface and are filled with water or a water and anti-freeze solution. The solution circulates through the pipes, which retain the temperature of the ground, and then travels to the heat pump. Since the ground temperature is warmer than the air temperature, the heat from the ground circulates through the heat pump and is distributed via ducts throughout the house. This allows your system to work less, saving money on heating bills and improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Types of Geothermal HVAC Heating Systems

There are four main types of geothermal loop systems: horizontal, vertical, pond/lake and open-loop systems. Choosing the right loop system can depend on the climate and soil conditions of the region, the land on which it's being installed, and the local installation costs at the construction site. These loop systems are available for both residential and commercial properties.

Horizontal, vertical and pond/lake systems are all examples of closed-loop systems, meaning that the system of pipes is in a closed loop and circulates only within that loop. Horizontal loops are the most cost-effective option, because they spread out horizontally in shallow trenches and do not require deep digging for construction. Vertical loop systems are used when shallow trenches are not optimal for the area, and the looped pipes are placed deeper into the ground. Pond/lake systems are placed in a water source close to the property. Open-loop systems use well or surface water to circulate through the pipes, instead of solutions, and therefore operate on an open system.

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