Oklahoma City

Emergency Plumbing & Leak Detection


At Air Comfort Solutions, we know that with plumbing comes the risk of plumbing issues.

Some issues are small (like a lightly clogged drain) while others are huge (like a busted water heater). Our trained plumbers are capable of handling issues big and small, but it's the big ones that seem to pack the most punch for homeowners and business owners.  Our emergency plumbing staff can come out 7 days a week for emergencies, and you can rest easy knowing that not only are they trained and experienced, but they are also licensed and uniformed. 

Leak Detection

We understand that a water leak of any kind is inconvenient. At times water leaks can even feel like an emergency—especially if your belongings are ruined from the leak. Preparation is key in dire situations, so make sure you follow these steps if you experience a water leak.

• Once the leak occurs you need to first turn off the water supply which originates in the main shut-off valve in your home. It’s very important for you to know where your valve is in case of emergencies, so take the time to locate it before trouble strikes.

• Once the water is shut off, you’ll need to call a professional to assess the situation. Our plumbers at Air Comfort Solutions are dedicated to helping your home stay safe and dry, and our on call team is willing and able to help whenever you need them.

• It’s also important that you avoid touching any electrical fittings until after the situation is professionally assessed.

Always approach water leaks with caution, and if there is any reason you feel unsafe or concerned call the plumbers at Air Comfort Solutions for timely, emergency plumbing whether you're located in Tulsa or the OKC metro.

For quality service from professionals you can trust, contact Air Comfort Solutions at (405) 721-3740 in Oklahoma City or at (918) 743-2300 in Tulsa.