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Dishwasher Issues

A dishwasher is an important appliance in the house. It makes kitchens work efficiently. However, what happens if your dishwasher isn't functioning properly? Even worse, what do you do if your dishwater is retaining water in the basin?

Our trained plumbers at Air Comfort Solutions have the answer! If water begins seeping back into the dishwasher, the reason lies in the hose of the dishwasher. The hose that discharges to the sink most likely was improperly installed. Dishwasher hoses must travel up from the dishwasher to the under-side of the countertop, then twist down to the kitchen sink where it is tied in above a piece called the sink trap. This creates a loop, stopping plumbing issues like retaining water.

What to do:

Calling a licensed plumber is the best option when it comes to draining issues. Air Comfort Solutions can come out and diagnose the issue, then replace the hose, if necessary. This will ensure you aren't wasting water and your dishwasher can go back to being your friendly kitchen helper.

Residential Plumbing: Dry Dishwasher

Sometimes you go to turn on your dishwasher, and you find out there isn't any water flowing into it. You generally find this out after you expect to pull out clean, shiny dishes, but instead find crusty, stinky ones. This is a problem. It's a problem your friendly, experienced plumbers at Air Comfort Solutions knows how to solve.

If there isn't any water going to your dishwasher there may possibly be blockage in the line that runs to the dishwasher. This could result from build up over time or installation issues. A defective valve may be the issues, and if that's the case, you need to make a call to your trusted, local plumbers. The water inlet valve is used to help fill the dishwasher with the perfect amount of cold and hot water. It's controlled either by electronic control or by a timer, and if it is broken, your water temperature and amount will be incorrect.

The plumbers at Air Comfort Solutions can fully evaluate your dishwasher's issue and determine the best plan of attack.

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