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Home Heating

At Air Comfort Solutions we are all about providing heating tips to our customers.  Home heating is crucial to feeling comfortable in the place you reside most--your home.  We understand that if you are chilly while trying to cook dinner, watch television, or play with the kiddos, then you can't focus on the things that mean the most. Heating emergencies can also become dangerous if you aren't able to contact an emergency technician.

As Oklahoma City and Tulsa's leading heating system provider, we know the number one way to ensure your home is properly heated is with an efficient, effective heating system.  We are capable of installation and repair when it comes to your heating system and can do so 7-days a week.  There are other tips for increasing the heating capabilities within your home, and we've included a couple of them below. 

Home Heating and Cooling Tips: Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans can help increase the heating capabilities of your home. That's right, they aren't just for the summer time. 

Since hot air rises, much of the energy that your central heating employs, warms the top of the room. A ceiling fan that runs in reverse can lightly bounce the hot air from the ceiling and help it flow along the walls and toward the bottom of the room. 

These devices are not only budget conscience energy savers, but they also come in sleek designs to satisfy your different design needs. At Air Comfort Solutions we know that fans have the capability of circulating warm air in the same way it can stir up cool air.  Ceiling fans are also energy efficient. We call that a win-win!

Home Heating and Cooling Tips: Heating and Air Filters

Clean air filters are the first step in ensuring you're getting the most out of your heating and air system. Clean filters help improve the efficiency of your system and can also guard against dirt and allergens in your home.

What type of heating and air filter is right for me?

Your home is unique to you and your family, so why not choose a furnace filter that fits your home's unique needs? Filters range in style, function and price. The most basic furnace filter is a fiberglass filter with a cardboard frame. These filters are inexpensive and come in various sizes. Fiberglass filters can trap large dust and dirt particles and are disposable. Another relatively basic furnace filter is the pleated paper filter, which is also disposable. These filters can trap smaller particles of dirt and dust, but are more expensive.

Commonly the most expensive option, reusable electrostatic filters offer a higher level of filtration. These filters can trap the smallest airborne particles such as dirt, dust, pollen, and smoke. They can be removed, cleaned, and reused regularly, allowing them to last for a longer period of time.

There are also furnace filters, both disposable and reusable, that are specifically designated as high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and are designed to filter microscopic allergens, such as bacteria, mold, and mildew. These filters are perfect for homeowners or families with allergies.

When should I change my heating and air filter?

If you notice dirt or dust buildup in your filters, it's probably time to change them. However, in general, fiberglass and paper filters should be changed either monthly or every two months. Electrostatic and HEPA filters can be cleaned of changed less often. These filters should be changed every two to four months if you have pets, if someone in the house smokes, or if you notice an excessive amount of dust or dirt buildup.

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