Air Comfort Solutions to Donate Over 800 Cases of Paper to Oklahoma Schools in Need

Air Comfort Solutions is excited to announce a new Teacher Appreciation Program. This program is being put in place to support Oklahoma students, schools and educators.

Last year, in the midst of state education budget cuts, several schools in Oklahoma run out of paper early; some as early as the first semester. Some educators went as far as purchasing paper using their personal funds and/or rely on students bringing their own paper in order to make it until the end of school with enough supplies. Deeper education cuts have been made across the state this year.

As a first initiative to the Teacher Appreciation Program, Air Comfort Solutions will be donating over 800 cases of paper to Oklahoma Schools in need. Recipient schools will be selected from those schools that are nominated through Air Comfort Solutions' website. Individuals can nominate their Oklahoma School of choice by visiting, filling out and submitting the form.

Teachers are the backbone of Oklahoma communities and Air Comfort Solutions wants to help support them.