Air Conditioning Energy Saving Tips for Spring

After a harsh Oklahoma winter comes the season we all look forward to – spring. But let's be honest, spring in our beloved Sooner State starts busting off into triple digit heat much sooner than we’d all like. With soaring temperatures, it’s impossible to even stomach the thought of turning off your air conditioner, which means you can count on receiving high energy bills for the next four to five months. Try these tips to have energy and coin this spring.   

Heat up at night. When the sun sets and temperatures go down, your home does not need the same amount of cool. One or two hours before you go to bed, turn down your cooling unit, so it runs less while you are asleep.   

Double check those windows and doors! During the spring it is enticing to throw open the windows and let in the fresh air. Although this is beneficial to the health of your home, make sure you monitor this. If you accidentally keep the windows and doors open, not only are your jeopardizing your home's safety, but you're also wasting precious, cool air. 

Add "rearrange the furniture" to your spring cleaning list. Your furniture could be obstructing your air conditioning vents, or even worse, you could be spending your hard earned money cooling off the back of your recliner or bottom of your couch. Give your room a new look and enjoy the chill.   

What are ways you save energy during the spring?