Air Conditioner Systems: Hot and Cold Spots Revealed

Your home air conditioner system may confuse you at times.  At Air Comfort Solutions, we want you to understand the ins and outs of your home system.  Everyone wants their air conditioner system to run properly and operate cost effectively. We attempt to be energy efficient by programming our thermostats, which controls the overall average temperature of the home. Yet, somehow, there’s still hot and cold spots within all of our homes.  

With thermostats it’s important to remember that the device senses only the temperature of the air at the wall where it is mounted, not every room in your home. In fact, there could be a difference in temperature across the same room from where the thermostat is mounted.  

Also, when your air conditioner is on it just runs. Your AC provides air that is cooled, not at different temperatures, but as best your cooling unit can. You may set your thermostat is set to 72F, but air coming out your ducts is cooler than this. If you have a window with no blinds or drape protection the sun shining into the room will make the air feels a lot hotter. This is true in the kitchen where you generate heat when you cook or if you stand next to a door that is not sealed properly.  

Most hot and cold spots throughout your home can be easily explained. All we can control is the average temperature that physically reaches the thermostat.