Air Comfort Solutions to Donate Over 800 Cases of Paper to Oklahoma Schools in Need

Air Comfort Solutions is excited to announce a new Teacher Appreciation Program. This program is being put in place to support Oklahoma students, schools and educators.

Last year, in the midst of state education budget cuts, several schools in Oklahoma run out of paper early; some as early as the first semester. Some educators went as far as purchasing paper using their personal funds and/or rely on students bringing their own paper in order to make it until the end of school with enough supplies. Deeper education cuts have been made across the state this year.

As a first initiative to the Teacher Appreciation Program, Air Comfort Solutions will be donating over 800 cases of paper to Oklahoma Schools in need. Recipient schools will be selected from those schools that are nominated through Air Comfort Solutions' website. Individuals can nominate their Oklahoma School of choice by visiting, filling out and submitting the form.

Teachers are the backbone of Oklahoma communities and Air Comfort Solutions wants to help support them.

What is Commercial HVAC?

If providing great customer service is the chief pillar of your business, then offering an amazing atmosphere and customer environment is your top priority. Your heating, ventilating, and air conditioner (HVAC) system is the driving force behind internal comfort when it comes to your commercial business. Air temperature, the intake outside air, exhaust and/or the filtering of contaminated air and efficient use of energy are all areas of your HVAC system’s domain.   

When it comes to selecting your HVAC system, there are several things to consider:   

* What fuel will be used for heating? (Gas, oil, coal, electricity, etc.)   

* How will you cool the space? (Electric heat pump, electric air conditioner, chiller, gas air conditioner, etc.)   

* How will the heat and cooling be delivered to the space? (Hot and cold ducted air system, hot and cold water system (hydronic or steam), radiant heat system, etc.)   

* What is the ventilation like?   

Answering these questions for yourself and your business doesn’t make you an HVAC pro, but it does put you on the right track. For additional information on commercial HVAC, please contact one of our Air Comfort Solutions professionals, today!  

Air Conditioner Systems: Hot and Cold Spots Revealed

Your home air conditioner system may confuse you at times.  At Air Comfort Solutions, we want you to understand the ins and outs of your home system.  Everyone wants their air conditioner system to run properly and operate cost effectively. We attempt to be energy efficient by programming our thermostats, which controls the overall average temperature of the home. Yet, somehow, there’s still hot and cold spots within all of our homes.  

With thermostats it’s important to remember that the device senses only the temperature of the air at the wall where it is mounted, not every room in your home. In fact, there could be a difference in temperature across the same room from where the thermostat is mounted.  

Also, when your air conditioner is on it just runs. Your AC provides air that is cooled, not at different temperatures, but as best your cooling unit can. You may set your thermostat is set to 72F, but air coming out your ducts is cooler than this. If you have a window with no blinds or drape protection the sun shining into the room will make the air feels a lot hotter. This is true in the kitchen where you generate heat when you cook or if you stand next to a door that is not sealed properly.  

Most hot and cold spots throughout your home can be easily explained. All we can control is the average temperature that physically reaches the thermostat.  

Air Conditioning Energy Saving Tips for Spring

After a harsh Oklahoma winter comes the season we all look forward to – spring. But let's be honest, spring in our beloved Sooner State starts busting off into triple digit heat much sooner than we’d all like. With soaring temperatures, it’s impossible to even stomach the thought of turning off your air conditioner, which means you can count on receiving high energy bills for the next four to five months. Try these tips to have energy and coin this spring.   

Heat up at night. When the sun sets and temperatures go down, your home does not need the same amount of cool. One or two hours before you go to bed, turn down your cooling unit, so it runs less while you are asleep.   

Double check those windows and doors! During the spring it is enticing to throw open the windows and let in the fresh air. Although this is beneficial to the health of your home, make sure you monitor this. If you accidentally keep the windows and doors open, not only are your jeopardizing your home's safety, but you're also wasting precious, cool air. 

Add "rearrange the furniture" to your spring cleaning list. Your furniture could be obstructing your air conditioning vents, or even worse, you could be spending your hard earned money cooling off the back of your recliner or bottom of your couch. Give your room a new look and enjoy the chill.   

What are ways you save energy during the spring?