Air Duct Cleaning 

And Other Cooling Fixes

Clean air ducts can positively impact your home or office, because when it comes to your HVAC system, ductwork is one of the more vital mechanisms.

Ductwork delivers heated or cooled air, but if ductwork is cracked, bent, or improperly designed, the HVAC unit must overcompensate and usually struggles to keep you comfortable. Additionally, over time harmful bacteria and pollutants can build up within the ducts, making the air you breathe far from clean. Air Comfort Solutions can clean you ducts in your home or office by ridding the systems of harmful dust and other buildup within your vents.  We use a state of the art cleaning system designed to efficiently and effectively clean your ducts, and increasing air flow and energy efficiency, in the process. 

Our trained technicians know how to troubleshoot and assess any home air conditioning or indoor air quality issue. It's important, though, that you understand the reason for an inefficient cooling system.  There are several possibilities as to why this may occur:


Check your thermostat settings. Thermostats usually have “auto” and “on” settings for the blower, but when your thermostat is incorrectly set, this could hide the fact that your air conditioner is broken. If “auto” is set, the blower goes off and on according to the room temperature. If “on” is set, the blower continuously runs no regardless of the room temperature.


The older your unit is, the more it will leak small amounts of refrigerant. This can lead to your AC no longer being effective at keeping your space cool, especially if the refrigerant comes in contact with moisture and freezes, which causes clogging.

Air Conditioner Condenser Coils

A stalled condenser coil may be the cause of a malfunctioning AC unit. This is tricky because your fan will continue to blow, even if a fuse is blown or there’s tripped circuit breaker, making you think you AC is operating, as it should, though no cold hair blows.

When it comes to working with your air conditioner or assessing your home or business' indoor air quality, Air Comfort Solutions has you covered. Their technicians can come over day or night to guarantee your business or home is running efficiently. 

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