Types of Air Conditioners  

 At Air Comfort Solutions, our technicians know the importance of understand your home or business' air conditioner.  Whether you're in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma summer heat hits hard.  During the peak summer months, your system  cooling unit will account for approximately fifty percent of your overall energy usage. Below are the different types of air conditioners and their benefits so you can deliberate what fits best for you. 

Portable Air Conditioners 

Portable air conditioners are great if you have elected to live in a small space. Living in studio or one bedroom apartment allows you the option of these smaller cooling systems. The added bonus is that you will not only save money but portable units require no permanent installation and their set up is ridiculously quick and easy.  

Window Unit Air Conditioning  

The other alternative would be a window unit. However, if you are in a condensed living space, you may wish to keep your natural light, views, and other window benefits. Dissimilar to window air conditioning units, which take up the entire window and make for a huge eye sore, portable air conditioners give you much sought after window space by only take a fraction of the opening.  

When mapping out your cooling options, that good old portable air conditioner may be exactly what you need. 

Air Purifiers and Portable Air Conditioners 

Air purifiers are all the rage, especially when the pollen count is high.  It is not just the changing of the seasons that make our allergies go crazy. Drastic changes in humidity can make a good day go horribly bad. In Oklahoma we cannot do anything about the weather, but we can control the humidity, to make sure it has a positive affect on our bodies.  

Air Purifiers: Battling Humidity and Staying Sane 

It’s imperative for humidity levels to remain low. For those seeking relief from humidity and the summer sun, a portable air conditioner is a fantastic solution. This is because a portable unit has the capability to not only cool the air but dehumidify as well leaving you satisfied with a cool and dry space.  

Also high humidity, brings moisture can be just as exhausting and discomforting as heat. Coupled together, the result is an extremely unpleasant living environment. Now enter your portable air conditioner. This appliance is a two in one, simultaneously removing humidity and heat from the air. If you beat the heat and the humidity happens to linger, lots of portable models come with a Dehumidify-Only mode, which removes moisture without cooling.  

Energy Saving Benefits of Portable Air Conditioning  

It's important to understand the benefits of Portable Air Conditioning.  High-energy bills seem unavoidable, especially during the peak summers months. These frustrations can be multiplied when you are large sums of money to cool a small space or office. Well we think it’s time you took control and get the best of both worlds. It’s time that you consider a portable air conditioning unit.  

If you feel like you are wasting money by blasting central air conditioning to cool one room or hot spot, a portable unit may be your best solution. Portable air conditioners primary appeal is their economic efficiency. These smaller units and be used as supplements to your central air conditioning systems. As you’ve probably experienced, central AC can be very expensive even when your overall goal is not to cool your entire house. On days when you only need cooling for one or two rooms, portable air conditioners are a great compliment to central air, which allows for a noticeably lower bill due to less central unit usage. Spot cooling only the room you are working in can, for short periods of time, suspend the use of your HVAC altogether, equating to major savings.  

Is Portable Air Conditioning for You?  

Portable Air Conditioning is a highly debated topic in the air conditioning world.  And when it comes to summer in Oklahoma, our minds automatically turn to central air condition for relief. However, for niche hot spots and problem areas in your home, a portable air conditioning unit may be your ideal solution. Not sure “portable” is your perfect problem solver? Answer these questions to see if you and portable AC could be a match.  

    •    Are you unable to have a window air conditioner?  

    •    Do you need an easy and energy efficient way to cool a smaller space like a studio apartment?  

    •    Are you spending lots of money using central air conditioning to cool one room?  

    •    Would you like to dehumidify air as you cool it?  

    •    Do you need a compact cooling solution for your RV, travel trailer, or pop-up camper?  

Air Conditioning Systems: What should you do?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a portable air conditioner may be in your future. Portable air conditioners are becoming an increasing trend. As facts for portable cooling units are being more widely publicized, people are recognizing the energy saving benefits of owning one. We suspect the popularity of the portable air conditioning unit will only continue to grow. If you are contemplating your cooling options, take a minute to consider the portable air conditioner; it could be exactly what you need.  

Air Conditioner Systems:  Hot and Cold Spots Revealed  

Your home air conditioner system may confuse you at times.  At Air Comfort Solutions, we want you to understand the ins and outs of your home system.  Everyone wants their air conditioner system to run properly and operate cost effectively. We attempt to be energy efficient by programming our thermostats, which controls the overall average temperature of the home. Yet, somehow, there’s still hot and cold spots within all of our homes.  

With thermostats it’s important to remember that the device senses only the temperature of the air at the wall where it is mounted, not every room in your home. In fact, there could be a difference in temperature across the same room from where the thermostat is mounted.  

Also, when your air conditioner is on it just runs. Your AC provides air that is cooled, not at different temperatures, but as best your cooling unit can. You may set your thermostat is set to 72F, but air coming out your ducts is cooler than this. If you have a window with no blinds or drape protection the sun shining into the room will make the air feels a lot hotter. This is true in the kitchen where you generate heat when you cook or if you stand next to a door that is not sealed properly.  

Most hot and cold spots throughout your home can be easily explained. All we can control is the average temperature that physically reaches the thermostat.  

Air Comfort Solutions' technicians are capable of helping your home or business function efficiently. It's the winning call you've been waiting for.